The emergence of the Etna Project as a series was the result of several interpreters coordinating their efforts to bring advanced level training opportunities for themselves and their respected colleagues in the Northeast. The return of the series year after year and its popularity with veteran interpreters indicates there is something here worth noting. The Etna Project series also has happened in Maryland a number of times.

If you live a great distance from NH or MD, you may be less likely to travel for it. So, why not consider bringing the Etna Project to you? There are a number of us who will gladly offer support and guidance in the coordination process. In fact, there are Etna Project alumni around the country who may be eager to help establish a series in your area!

The prerequisites for attending the Etna Project series are Foundations I & II, presented by Betty M. Colonomos. For more information about the Foundations of Interpreting Seminar Series, visit the Foundations of Interpreting website.

Ask us how you can make the Foundations and Etna Project series a reality for you and your colleagues locally.

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